Charter Bavaria 46/Sardinien Juni 2015

First of all I want to thank You and BlueSun for any help and quick answers on our questions!

Regarding Cruising Charter it all work out fine, the management and the team was very friendly and had a lots of tips about were to go in Sardinia / Corsica. 

Crusing Charters boats is only Bavaria - all of them. Our boat and what I understand all of them was not fully equipped. One thing that was a bit annoying was that our boat (a new Bavaria 46) did not have any septictank/holdingtank. What I understand they did not have septic tanks on any of their boats just to avoid stop in toilets. 

We had the boat converted to a 3 cabin version, that gave us a really big forward cabin so if there is not more then 6 people onboard that is a nice way to get more space. 

We hade some problem with the shower pumps, one broke down and we hade few hours in Palau so the mechanic could change the pump, a problem on all their new Bavarias. 

Also the GPS plotter was only in the cabin, not upstairs on all their boats.

Otherwise it was fantastic place to sail, much nice and really great water. Compared to Croatia and Greece it costs a lot more for harbourfees (for a 46foot boat at least 120€ if you are far away from the "smeradlad coast" otherwise around 350€) but we only hade two nights in harbours the rest on anchor so not a problem for us but good to know.