Looking for Brazil yacht charter? Brazil has more to offer than just Ipanema Beach!

If you’re searching for the ultimate paradise for a sailing holiday, then look no further than the Costa Verde, the “Green Coast”. In the bay of Angra Dos Reis, located in the heart of the Costa Verde, you’ll find 365 tropical green islands with more than 2,000 spectacular beaches. Although parts of this island paradise are privately owned, many areas are exactly the same as they were 500 years ago when they were discovered by Portuguese sailors.

On the islands you can hike, snorkel, dive or simply relax and unwind on the beach. Sailors and fishing enthusiasts will also find their eldorado here.

The largest and most well known of the islands is Ilha Grande, which was once populated by native inhabitants. Its dense rainforest now attracts visitors from all over the world. In 1992 it was declared part of the UNESCO “Atlantic Rainforest” biosphere reserve. Many endangered species find refuge here.

Gipoia, the second biggest islands, is renowned for its sandy beaches. Yacht sailors, sun worshippers and watersport fans will find a small paradise on Gipoia.

Brazil’s Costa Verde offers something for everyone, whether it’s the wilderness of the rainforest or the action offered by the clubs and beach bars.


Established in 1667, Paraty is known for its charming artisan scene, lively old town and the wonderful nature surrounding the town. Caipirinha, Brazil’s national drink, is served in the bars, mixed with the regionally produced sugar-cane rum, cachaça.

The sheltered bay off the harbour town of Paraty contains no less than 65 islands, some of which can be reached by car, others only by boat. These islands are in a pristine and almost wild state. They offer a fascinating insight into the culture of the Caiçara, a community that is at home on water and lives from fishing, crafts and agriculture. The culture originates from a mixture of Portuguese and indigenous influences. The canoes and toys made by the Caiçaras are especially well known outside of the bay.

One of the best beaches in the region around Paraty is Praia do Pouso, which is located in a fantastic bay and can only be reached by yacht. From there you can walk to the Praia Grande waterfall and refresh yourself under the crystal-clear spray of water.