A perfect yacht charter destination, the Maldives is formed of 1,190 small coral islands, stretching through the Indian Ocean like a glittering string of pearls. The islands are actually the tips of a submarine ridge and rise just one to three metres out of the water, making the Maldives the flattest country on the planet.

Due to its prominent position along old trading and shipping routes, for centuries the Maldives have been a welcome sight for yacht charter. Just like in the golden age of trading ships, the inhabitants of the Maldives still give a very warm welcome to sea travellers and sailors to this day. The geographical structure of the islands with their countless sheltered anchorages is equally as welcoming to sailors.

Southeast Asia, Africa, Arabia – the Maldives is a melting pot of nations and cultures. Although the island state converted to Islam in 1153, a belief in ghosts and spirits is very much part of the spiritual life of the local people.

Most charter bases are located on the main island of Mahé. It is the perfect starting point for sailing through the fascinating island world of the Maldives.

After just a short time, you’ll soon find that your daily cares will simply melt away, as the most important decision of the day is which idyllic bay to drop anchor in. The snow-white beaches of the Maldives are virtually unrivalled in beauty. Snorkelers and divers will be in their element in the bath-warm water.

On land you’ll find both rustic fishing villages and luxurious resorts, offering something to suit all tastes.