Overview of possible yacht ownership programs


Offers you a unique selection of yacht ownership programs.

Have you ever dreamed of sailing in the most extraordinary and impressive sailing area on your own yacht? We tell you, this is not as costly and exclusive as you might think.


We help you to fulfill your dream without having to bear the usual costs incurred in the ownership. We as a professional supplier and a renowned charter company, offer you the opportunity to find your dream yacht worldwide.


You choose a program that is exactly tailored to your needs, we ensure management and service at the highest level. On some programs we do guarantee no operating costs. Enjoy the time aboard your own yacht or on a similar sister model and discover exceptional sailing areas from one of our 36 bases worldwide.


Performance Active Program E

Partnership Program

Guaranteed Income Program E

Catana Catamaran Program E

Dream Easy Program E


Blue Sun Yacht & Holidays offers you five management programs. Would you prefer to sail a lot or generate profits from chartering your yacht? We have the right program for you. Concluding the programs at a glance and set against.